Real world bullet performance 95gr Vmax 6.5 Grendel.

I intend to do a series of posts regarding real world performance of various cartridges on various game.
As such if you are squeamish or an Anti Hunter stop reading now, and don’t come back : )
My plan is to do as many cartridges and varied game as I and my field staff can do.
coming soon we have a couple of different .243 loads for varmints/predators that will be getting some use out in New Mexico, coyote and deer hunting in MI and if we are lucky bobcat, wolf and fox as well.
Planning on getting testing on .243, .22-250, 6.5 Grendel, .223 and more to come.
So with that said here is the 1st report.
Load used 6.5 Grendel 95gr Hornady Vmax loaded to a velocity of 2740 using Hodgdon 8208xbr and CCI primers with hornady brass.
this load groups 1/2 inch in my custom built AR15.

I recently had to opportunity to partake in a coyote hunt in Indiana to help a farm get rid of excess coyotes, we had a great hunt (for one day) weather was nice in the 75 degree range. the terrain was hilly and thick with some open fields. spring had sprung but the leaves weren’t fully open so visibility wasn’t too bad.
we started off before daylight making call sets.
On our forth set we had action
the set was myself and the land owner watching a gully and far hill side, the caller set up behind and to our left around the hill corner upwind, he was running a FoxPro caller.

the caller started with group howls, time was approx 1120 AM.

at the 4 minute mark a male coyote came in from across the gully from us, he was being casual, and looked directly at us (mainly the landowner off to my right) a couple of times, and would stop and look then keep coming, he started to cut around the hill towards the caller, if he kept going he would be too close to the hill for me to see him, so at 50yds I barked, he stopped looking right at me, and I took the shot, watching him drop through the scope.

this was an instant kill which the 95 gr vmax has given me before. And I like it.

the entrance was clean

and the exit was nice too, no big blow out.

making performance great for being fur friendly.

I will continue to use this rounds and hopefully get some longer shots, I expect on some longer shots I wont get a pass through/exit, but should provide one shot drops provided proper shot placement.


So that’s my 1st report more to come.


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