“Silencers” now legal in MI



The above link is to the opinion issued by Michigan’s attorney general yesterday making it legal for those of us in Michigan to own suppressors, per ATF regulations.

This has been in the works for several years to get him to issue an opinion on this issue, AG Cox issued the opinion on Full-Auto in 2005, and now this one by Scheutte, make MI join the already over 45 states that allow suppressors.

Suppressors so far are still not legal to hunt with, though I’m sure we will be petitioning the DNR to change that ruling as well.

Suppressor will however make ranges and recreational shooting a lot quieter.

The process for acquiring a suppressor is as follows.

You must :


  • • Must be 21 years old when purchasing from a dealer
  • • Typically, if you can buy an handgun, you can buy a silencer
  • • Must not have been convicted of a felony or pleaded guilty to

domestic violence charge(s)

  • • Must be a United States Citizen



  • • Pick a silencer to buy  (I have included a list below of several manufacturers.)
  • • Find a Class 3 Dealer (I recommend Port City pistol for those in the greater Muskegon area)
  • • Fill out and complete the required paperwork IN DUPLICATE (http://www.atf.gov/forms/download/atf-f-5320-4.pdf)
  • • If an individual, obtain Law Enforcement signature on the forms

be fingerprinted and paste or tape two photographs of yourself

onto the forms

  • • If a Corporation or Trust, you may skip the above step
  • • Pay the $200 Transfer Tax to BATFE
  • • Wait for your paperwork to clear
  • • Fill out a ATF Form 4473
  • • Take your silencer home


Note that most silencers will run from 500+ and you have a transfer fee as well as the $200 tax stamp for each can, some cans may be used on more than one firearm and more than one caliber, so choose wisely.














Kevin Rought

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