KBI going away. Charels Daley and CD Defense to come back?

To all our friends, fans, supporters and consumers of Charles Daly and by extension, KBI products, I regret to inform you that the rumors of our demise are true.

KBI is going out of business and closing its doors, effective today, January 29, 2010.

I don’t want to go into each and every detail as to why this has occurred, except to say that there have been a multitude of events over the past five years that have contributed to our current situation.

For those of you with ongoing service requirements please be advised that we are currently negotiating with several companies that will be performing after-sale service of Charles Daly, CD Defense and Jericho firearms. As soon as we have finalized a contract with one of these companies we will post the name, address and contact details of that company on www.CharlesDalyForum.com, so you will know who to contact to obtain service on your KBI firearm.

Again, I wish to thank all of you that have supported our company, Charles Daly and all the other fine firearms that we have sold over the years.. This spells the end of KBI but I imagine it will certainly not mean the end of Charles Daly® and CD Defense™. Look for this excellent brand to resurface in the very near future.

Michael B. Kassnar, President
K.B.I., Inc.

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