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We are now carrying Bone Hawg products.
these products are:

Prime is a dry mineral mixture that contains most of the necessary nutrients a deer herd requires, but with a Bone Hawg twist. Prime was developed to provide deer the minerals and nutrients they need while allowing them to absorb more easily and efficiently. Test studies show our conditioner Turbo is known to increase fawn and milk production. Our conditioner also promotes antler growth, helps with digestive issues, hoof disease and will help put more weight on your deer.

Prime comes in four great flavors developed specifically for deer.
and Turbo,

Turbo, Found in our Prime product line, Turbo is the engine that allows for better mineral and nutrient absorption. Our conditioner Turbo is an additive that can be mixed with any mineral or deer feed products on the market today.

Turbo comes in four deer loving flavors as well.

So, contact us for some of this great product for your QDM and hunting needs.

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