Want to test your ability to survive a Zombie apocalypse?

MTC Zombie event

Zombie Survival

A test of skill, endurance, preparation and mind set.

Non-Member Fee : $75.00
Member Fee :$60.00

At The Door
Non-Member Fee : $100.00
Member Fee :$80.00

Apocalypse Date: May 24th

Event Description

This event will hone your pre existing innate abilities needed to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Vampires and werewolf’s are legend, but the zombie outbreak is just a matter of time.

The unknown events of this catastrophe will run through the day, and into the night. Bring guns, ammo, your Go-Bag and nerves of steel. You will be thrust into several life or death scenarios which will have your survivor group providing long range standoff distance, shooting and moving to save survivors, scavenging for supplies, delivering blunt force trauma, using make shift field weapons and fighting for every square inch to save your survivor group from the walking dead, bands of marauders, and nature’s fury.

You think you will enjoy the zombie apocalypse – by the end of the night you will be wondering “who is hunting who?” Global Independent, LLC is not responsible for scrapes, cuts, bump, bruises, or any highly contagious infectious diseases which may occur during this training event.

Start building your 4-5 person teams now, or come alone and join other survivors. Each survivor should bring a primary and secondary firearm of choice and your E&E Bug-Out-Bag. Teams should be balanced with precision rifles, carbines and handguns (a shotgun never hurts either). Be warned, be prepared, be ready.

Gear List

Weapon of choice with plenty of ammo for each zombie engagement.

Precision Rife with sling or carry bag
Holster for pistol, mag pouches
Sling for carbine, mag pouches
Shot gun
Ammo Allotment: How much would you pack in your Bug-Out-Bag? How much can you carry realistically? There may be a resupply scenario, so bring a little extra.

Personal Bug-Out-Bag with basic essentials to survive

Water (container)
Change of cloths
Med Kit
Signal device
Fire starter (flint & steel or magnesium stick)

Will to live

Camp chair
Sun screen/bug spray
Suitable clothing for outdoor training
Snacks and beverages

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